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Ongoing Ph.D. Projects

“Adaptiveness in Learning from Social Video Episodes” by Jelle de Boer. Groningen State University. Co-promotor. 2008-.

“Media Education for Reconciling Self Image and Body Awareness” by Kirsten de la Horra Calomarde-Hofman. Co-Promotor, University of Twente. Sept 2008-.

“Private Speech for Self Regulation in Media Programs” By Adel M. Agina. Co-promotor, University of Twente. February 2007-.

 “Regulation in On-Line Communities” by Eleonore ten Thij. Co-promotor, University of Twente. 2007-.

“e-iTV: Online Learning Environment Generator System for Interactive Television” by Alcina Prata. Higher School of Management Sciences, Portugal. University Lisbon, Co-Promotor. Apr. 2006-.

“Narrative Learning Conversations in the Woven Stories Paradigm.” By Jussi Nutinen. Co-promotor, University of Joensuu. July 2005-.

“Conceptual Navigation for Surgical Training in Virtual Environments” by Jan-Maarten Luursema. Assistant Promotor. University of Twente, September 2004-.

“Asynchronous Coaching of Initial Teacher Students” by Ralph Hooreman. Univ of Eindhoven. Copromotor. 2008

“The Computer as a Metacognitive Tool for Gaming” by Philip Bonanno. Univ of  Joensuu; Ass Promotor. 2008

“Higher Education ICT Policies” by Maggy McPherson. Sheffield University; Promotion Committee Member. 2007

“Ethnographic Factors in Mathematics and Com­puter Science” by Matti Tedre. Co-promotor. University of Joensuu. 2006

“Using generative probabilistic Models for Mul­timedia Retrieval” by Thijs Westerveld. Member of the Promo­tion Committee, University of Twente. 2005

Reading Intervention Technology in English for the Students of Polytechnic Colleges” by S. Senthilnathan. External Referent, Alagappa University, India, 2004

“Hypermedia Interaction Design: A Cognitive Constructivist Approach” by Lee Chien Sing. Faculty of Information Technology and Mul­timedia. Ex­ternal Referent, University, Malaysia. 2004

“Kritische und nicht kritische Spielstände im Wettkampftennis: Individuelle Leistungsvoraus­setzungen und differentielle Leistungsfolgen.” Dr. Maite Iriarte Rego for the title "Doctor Europeus". Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, 2004. Referent.

"Intelligent Agents for Orientation on the WWW" Lora Aroyo (2001). Univ. of Twente. Internal Advisor

"Mapping in the Educational and Training Design Process" Svetoslav Stoyanov. 2001. Univ. of Twente. Assistant Promotor

“Multimedia and Hyperspace”. Jose Bidarra de Almeida; 2001. Universidade Aberta, Lis­bon, Portugal. Member of the Promotion Board

"A Study of the Social and Material Distribution of Cognition". Ilias Karasavvidis. (1995-1998). Univ. of Twente. Member of the Promotion Com­mittee

"Cognitive Tools for Learning". Anders Broberg; (Dec 1999). Umea, Sweden. Faculty opponent

"Concept Mapping for History Awareness" He­redina Fernandez; (1996 - 2000). Autonoma Uni­versity of Madrid. Referent for the International Ph.D. certificate

"Memory, Cognitive Style and Concept Mapping in Learning Biology” Heling Huai; 2000. Univ. of Twente. Assistant Promotor

"Concept Mapping as an Epistemic Support Tool" Viatcheslav Bykov; 1997. Kiev, Ac. of Science. External Promotor

"Learning and Working with Electronic Perform­ance Support Systems" Theo Bastiaens; 1997. Univ. of Twente. Promotion Advisory Board and Opponent

"Adaptable Courseware" Sjoerd de Vries; (1991-1997). Univ. of Twente. Assistant Promotor

“Investigating the portability of multimedia learning resources: Design for a "Teaching Models Toolkit"; Zhang  Ji-Ping, 1996, University of Twente, advisor

“Cross-cultural portability of educational software: A communication-oriented approach;” Zhu  ZhiTing, 1996, University of Twente, advisor

"Knowledge Engineering for Courseware Design" Alnoor Ladhani (1992-1996). Univ. of Twente. Member of the Promotion Advisory Board